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Website Valuation Guide

While your website may already offer you extreme value through its ability to provide you with virtual representation around the clock, acting as a 24/7 virtual salesman for your business' products and services, it can also actually help you to bring in a great deal of money through itself if you should ever choose to sell it. However, there are some very important details that must be factored in, in order for you to know exactly how much you can ask for your website in the event of a proposed sale to an individual or another company. Fortunately, you can take advantage of some very effective online tools that make it very simple and quick for you to determine the website value.


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There are several different types of tools that are now widely available to you that will help you generate a very accurate website valuation. Essentially, these very simple yet highly effective online tools and resources will help you to establish your site value. Your goal is to be able to sell your website for as much money as possible to another individual or company, and you will need to know your site value in order to be able to justify selling your website for more money.


One of the leading website valuation tools that you have access to nowadays is a website value calculator. What comes as a nice surprise to many website owners is that you do not need to have any prior knowledge or experience with these calculators or knowing how to establish and report your website value. Many of these online calculators simply ask that you put in your website URL or website address and the calculator will then automatically churn out the most important values regarding your website. For example, you will be able to generate a list that includes vital information regarding your site’s Web traffic (the type, frequency and high, low and average number of visitors that come to your site) and the average revenue that your site produces (such as that which is generated through ads on your website as well as products and services sold).


There are also several different types of website valuation calculators that you can take advantage of as well. This includes being able to select from basic website value assessors that will essentially provide you with a bird’s eye view of how your site is performing. Or, you can opt for more detailed and customized site value reports. These are much more detailed reports that will provide you with comprehensive website valuation reports that will even include projections of how well your site is expected to perform in the future. By having access to these more detailed site analytics and projections, you will be able to create much greater confidence within your prospective buyers which will help you to ask for more money.


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Not only can these site value tools and services help you figure out exactly how much you can sell your site for, they will also help you to determine the best ways to improve its performance, pointing out key areas where you can build up your website and eventually ask for a higher sale price.



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